Exam Breakfast

This morning, Lydia, requested a special breakfast because of it being the beginning of exams.  She wanted waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, and orange juice. 

I do consider myself a morning person.  I just don’t like to wake up early.  Once I’m up….all is good.  Well, I had set my alarm for 5:00am but ended up not getting out of bed until 5:45.  I’m not sure why that happens.

Anyway, I was rushing around making her waffles and eggs and she came into the kitchen.  I asked her if she would get the bacon out and pop it in the microwave.  It was the pre-cooked kind and only needed to be heated.  I was moving around so fast and not thinking, a very funny thing happened.  She asked me how many pieces I wanted.  I said, “two” and kept on working like lightening on the waffles and eggs.  She started laughing and said, “MOM….you’re a vegetarian, silly!”

And I am.  I haven’t eaten meat since 8-18-10.  I can only hope that if she had of put two pieces on my plate, I would have come to my senses and snapped out of that daze.

We made it to school in the nick of time.  Lydia had a stressful day and so did I! 

Tonight we had Chinese take-out and I don’t feel one bit guilty. 

Now the question that I have been pondering all day is all about that breakfast.  All the teachers and school administrators always stress to make sure your children have a good breakfast before exams.  My two girls have always requested special breakfasts.  I always encourage a good breakfast but only on exam days do we go all out.  The girls are more of a banana and chocolate milk, cereal, or peanut butter sammie types. 

Now since I have been running, you always hear, “Nothing new on race day.”  What that means is that you only eat what you are used to before a big race.  What if these large breakfasts make the kids have an upset stomach during the exam?  I say…..go with something good on all days and not change anything before an exam.

Lydia did ok today but I always worry.

What are your exam morning routines with your kids?

2 thoughts on “Exam Breakfast

  1. As a teacher, I say, as long as they eat something it doesn’t matter what it is — new or not. It’s the preparation ahead of time that counts. I often give my students a small piece of candy before exams. Sugar right before the test boosts concentration. As a parent, I say, give them what they ask for. WE only get to cook for them for so long.

    Now I have a question for you. Bethany gets up at 4 to be on the ice before 5. Nobody likes to eat that early, but she gets sick if she doesn’t eat something. What do you think is the best thing to eat? Maybe I’ll post a blog on this topic.

    • I like the candy suggestion. Lydia only has one more exam this semester and I think I’ll surprise her with a piece of candy and an encouraging note in her backpack. For Bethany I suggest an English muffin with peanut butter and banana slices. That is my go to pre-run meal. If she likes those, it will be quick and easy to prepare. It so fun that you are my first commet. Love you DeLyn!

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