Windy 17!

I began this morning much like any other morning.  With a bowl of oats.  I didn’t get a picture of this morning’s oats but it was exactly like this pic from Thursday.  Oats, banana, coconut, pb, etc.

Then I tidied the house and kitchen a little and before I knew it, my running buddy, Lisa, was here and ready to tackle 17 miles.  She is training for her first marathon and I’m running it with her.  (It will be my second.)

The first 10 blew by very quickly and by blew I mean blew.  It was a very blustery day.  We chatted the whole time and it made the run so much more fun.

After 10 we came in to a scorching house (It was only 68 degrees inside but it was so hot to us.)  We had a Gu and took a quick bathroom break.  I was all out of Gu so Lisa gave me one of her chocolate ones and this time I actually like it.  When Ron heard us talking, he produced two more Gus out of the blue.  I had no idea he had any.  That gave us both another Gu each and we took it with us to have after the next 4 or so miles.  It was Roctane or something like that.  Blueberry Pomegranate was the flavor and it was pretty good too.

The last 7 miles were tougher but pretty awesome too.  It is so much easier mentally with a buddy.  We finished in 3:06 with a 10:57 average pace.  That was one of my best ever.  Thank you Lisa!  You are so going to rock the Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Marathon!

After a quick green monster for the two of us, I said my goodbyes to Lisa and headed to the gym with Lydia.  I made a promise to myself, that I won’t ever let my running interfere with family.  Lydia wanted to swim and she wanted me with her.  We went.

She had a great 45 minute swim workout.  I did too.  I swan for 45 minutes right along with her only I was doing a much lower key swim.  I mostly swam on my back and let my arms do all the work.  I tell you what though….. That is most certainly a very good thing to do after a long run.  I feel terrific!  I really got some good stretching in the pool too.

Tonight’s dinner was leftover Chinese veggies and rice and an awesome homemade bean burger from Chef Ron.  I can’t bring myself to give you the full recipe, but let’s just say the Jack LaLanne Juicer was involved along with some parsnips, carrots, and apples.  He served it to me on some whole wheat toast and added some swiss cheese.  It was really delicious!

After dinner, I made a quick trip to the church to tidy the pews and put oil in the candles.  I was singing, “Great is the Lord,” the whole time.  It is a song I learned at Calvery Temple and is an actual Psalm from the Bible.

Gotta run….(not literally this time)  The original True Grit is on and tomorrow we might go see the remake.  Very Excited. 


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