Man and Woman of the Year

Today in the Carolinas, it was a snow day.  I was a wimp though and only ventured out one time and the flakes were so sparse, I deemed they were not worthy of getting the camera out.  I didn’t have to cover for anyone today so my manager approved me working at home.  What that means is I monitor the emails and try to focus on some online training classes.  Working from home is not for me!  I cannot focus.  Laundry was beckoning.  The last of the Christmas boxes were calling my name to be put in the shed.  The dogs wanted to be walked.  The treadmill wanted to be run on.  I honestly would rather be busy in a print center all day than have to face an online class.  Somehow I made it 2/3 of the way through a business communications class and am actually excited to complete it tomorrow morning.  (I’m sure it will be a snow day again.  We’ve got black ice forming and the temp will be below freezing all night.) 

For breakfast, I made hot oats and I found an almost empty nut butter jar to put them in.  I’ve never added hot oats to a jar before.  I usually always make cold  over night oats in a jar with them.  The cooked oats melted the nut butter and it was the most delicious tasting breakfast you could ever imagine.  I also added raisins today and that was a nice treat.

Lunch was a hodgepodge of leftovers.  The very last of my Chinese rice with some navy beans, carrots, and onions over them.  On the side were a few green beans that Ron mixed with some pesto sauce.  I did not love the beans at all.  However, I added some barbeque sauce to the rice mixture and it was divine.      I drank hot water and lime all day to stay warm. 

I snacked on these today.   Yum!

Today’s monster was another one with clementines.  This time it has chocolate protein powder, skim milk and of course a handful of spinach.  Boy oh boy!  Let me tell you.  Those clementines are some kind of wonderful!

Tonight’s dinner was inspired from the Amy’s frozen meals I get.  It was spinach enchiladas verde.  I got the recipe off and it was as easy as pie.  All you do is mix some sour cream and green salsa and spread it on the bottom of a baking dish.  Then take your corn tortilla and spread a little of your sour cream and salsa mixture, a sprinkle of cheese, and you guessed it…..a handful of spinach.  Roll them up and lay them in your dish.  Repeat until you fill it up and then pour the remaining sour cream and salsa over it with a little more cheese.  I served these alongside some rice mixed with Rotel tomatoes.

The best news of the night is that I can now officially announce that my nominees for woman and man of the year WON!  The Greater Cleveland Chamber of Commerce sent out an email just before Christmas asking for nominations.  I had a few minutes so I decided to write up something and nominate two of my good friends.  There are so many people out there in our community that volunteer and give of themselves so freely; I actually could have nominated many different people.  However, this year, two people have stood out above the rest in my opinion.  Robin and Jimmy Wilson!  I met Robin and Jimmy through their work with the Cleveland High School Band.  I am in awe of all the work they do for the band but what is of more honor is that they simply do not stop there.  They are involved with each of their 5 boy’s lives whether it be in their classrooms, schools, or in the Boy Scouts of the USA.  

Robin is a cheerleader for all that is good and positive in our community.  She is a nurse and owns her own business and goes the extra mile in everything she does.

Jimmy, however, is a quiet (fly under the radar) type of person.  He works long and hard whether it is by cooking hundreds of hot dogs and hamburgers for students or by making sure everyone is safe and well hydrated.  He completes all tasks with a quiet, unassuming attitude.  Most of the things he does for the students are taken for granted.  I however, have watched him work very long and hard all year.

 I got an email last Monday letting me know that Jimmy had won.  On Friday, a separate and independent committee, working for the Woman of the Year, called me and let me know that Robin won.  Tonight was the banquet.  I had to tell Robin that Jimmy won so she could get him to the dinner.  But Robin had no idea she won until tonight.  She just texted me and was so excited.  

Have you ever nominated anyone and they went on to win?  I feel like I won too!

Happy Monday Friends!

6 thoughts on “Man and Woman of the Year

  1. That is funny that u had enchiladas. Tonight we had them too they were REAL enchiladas, I never had one till tonight but they are Lacho’s favorite and our babysitter made them and sent them home. Something I did not know is that some of them have no cheese or meat at all (that is what we had). And somehow the sauce is made with pumpkin seeds and the homemade tortillas are omg to die for.It was just sauce and tortilla. They were kinda hot but this will definatley be the next Mexican dish I will learn to make. Omg they were delicious. Also something that is funny is sometimes I am like Lacho I am wanting an “American” taco and he just laughs and says I don’t know how you eat that garbage haha.

  2. Love your story about nominating the couple. So glad you took time to nominate 2 volunteers. It is so hard to find adults willing to volunteer and this is a neat way to thank 2 who did find the time. I also get REALLY excited when someone I nominate wins – it more fun than being the winner.

  3. well aunt missy I am learning, I can cook just about anything but my favorite is just give me the ingredients and I will figure it out. I cook all the time and bring food to work and everything and one day I was talking about turnip greens and how I was going to cook them. My boss of almost a year was shocked that i cooked, where the heck has she been. Anyway I just realized I lied I can cook just about everything but healthy stuff. But you know I was a vegetarian all through high school basically I ate a chicken leg saw a vein and swore off meat. I didn’t do the fake meat thing I just did without except for seafood I could never give that up :). I did love falafels though. Have you tried that? I love fresh veggies and all but it is just so much esaier to add some grease and fry it up, I wish I could cook healthy and my family still like it. Me I could live off rabbit food and fish forever!!! What suggestions do you have to make the rest of them like healthier food? Will loves fruits and veggies but Lacho is a different story his definition of good is fried with lots of salt! He even likes fried fruit lol!! Oh yeah and he loves the famous veggie tray covered in Ranch!

    • I haven’t tried falafels. I see them on the healthy living blogs all the time. What are they? You’ll have to let me know how to cook them. I didn’t think I could cook until about a year ago when I actually started trying. Keep watching my blog for healthy ideas. Good luck with Lacho. He seems like it will be a challenge. But I know you are up to it.

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