Icy, Icy Day

It rained all night and what fell, froze.  Do you know the difference between sleet and freezing rain?  Sleet starts as liquid and then freezes BEFORE it hits the ground.  Freezing rain starts as liquid and then freezes only AFTER it hits the ground.  Snow begins and ends frozen.  Learned that from my local weather man this morning. 

I was going to make waffles for Lydia and Kai, but they wanted leftover pizza that they had ordered last night.  So….what’s a girl to do?  The usual.  Oats!  Found another jar that just had residue in it so I had my hot oats in a jar again.  I added a micro waved egg on the side.  I did have one cup of coffee much earlier but switched over to hot lime water.  I’ve tried to give up coffee before for many different reasons but have come to a healthy compromise.  One cup a day.  That is so much better than my about 6 cups a day of only a few years ago.  The reason I am drinking hot lime water is because I saw an interview with a 100 year old woman and she said that was her secret to a long life.

For lunch, I had leftover enchiladas but I added a carrot and some pre-made guacamole.  MmmmMmmm  I can’t get enough of these enchiladas. 

I did venture out today and what is amazing to me is that this little bit of ice has paralyzed our community.  It isn’t anything to play with though because Ron slid into a ditch this morning.  A wrecker got him out and luckily, he was fine and there were no damages to the company truck.  He made it on in to work with no problems. 

 Today’s snack was a slice of PB toast and hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.

After I finished my class and attended a few conference calls, I jumped on the treadmill and ran 6 miles in just over an hour.  It was supposed to be 9 but all I could manage was 6.  I watched the second part of The Days of Wine and Roses.  My DVR messed up and it cut off just as the Kirstin was leaving after Jack had been sober for over a year.  I’ve got to find a copy soon because I have to see what happens.  Does she come back and go to AA?  Does she get killed?  These old movies are wonderful!  

Dinner was tofu and veggies.  Basic tofu seasoned with salt and pepper is my FAVORITE!

I’m going to try to check a few more to do’s off my list before bed.

Night all!

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