Back to Work

Well the ice has melted mostly so it was back to the office for me today.  Started with my oats….but had them in a bowl today instead of a jar.


I was working at one of my favorite sites today so I knew I could hit their salad bar for lunch.  It is only 30 cents per ounce and they have so much to offer.  I got this whole salad for only $4.50.  Only the side, I had that spaghetti mixture.  I was out of this world.  I wanted to see if I could find the chef and ask how they made it but they were very busy today so I didn’t think it was appropriate.  Also on the side were those awesome mushrooms.  The salad began with a little Romaine lettuce and then a lot of spinach.  I topped it all with red and yellow peppers, raisins, chick peas, kidney beans, carrots, sunflower seeds, almond slivers, raw mushrooms, blue cheese crumbles, artichokes, and a sprinkle of boiled eggs.   Over all that, I had some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Let me just tell you all one thing.  Do yourself a favor and go to your fridge and throw away all your Fat Free or Low Calorie Ranch dressings or for that matter ALL your Fat Free and Low Calorie salad dressings.  That little bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar was the bomb!  And …..if you give yourself a little good fat, salads will satisfy you longer.

 Also had this delicious whole grain roll with butter.

I spent another 99 cents on this trail mix.  Just the right thing to munch on while I drove home.

Lydia and I hit the gym and I did another group fitness class.  Tonight’s was Total Body as opposed to Boot Camp and although it was good, I thought it was a little easier.  We did a lot of weights so I know I’m going to feel it again tomorrow.  After that, I treadmilled it and did 3 quick miles.  Lydia did the elliptical and bike and then swam. 

For dinner, I was treated to a cheese quesadilla grilled to perfection by Chef Lydia.  Her quesadilla had grilled chicken on it.  She served it with some of our pre-made guacamole and some salsa.  I also had some fresh mushrooms and zucchini that I sautéed a little with nothing but a little olive oil and salt.  So good!

How is everyone doing out there with your New Year’s Resolutions?  I’m sorta cheating this year because I’m delaying mine until after my 3-20-11 marathon.

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