My day started early and my little company owned Prius took me 100 miles exactly from my driveway to the historic Bennett College in Greensboro.  I trained today and next week I have to work there Tuesday – Friday.  The person that works there is out on short term disability.  I actually might have to work there a lot over the next few months.  No worries though.  I’ve never minded driving and it literally is a straight shot.

I wish this morning could have been a grilled banana sandwich like this one, ,but it had to be made quickly and had to be something I could eat in the car.  So….regular PB Sammie, banana, and coffee.  It works though!  No complaints.  Just for the record, I cannot eat oats in the car.  I have tried but it just isn’t safe. 

A really cool surprise was that I got to eat lunch in the college cafeteria for FREE!  I guess I’m considered faculty and staff.  Isn’t that greatest!  The only problem was that I was too embarrassed to explain to my co-workers that I had a blog so I didn’t take any lunch pictures.  You’ll just have to imagine a pretty green salad, cottage cheese and fruit, some rice, okra, hushpuppies, and a kiwi strawberry drink.  I did get a picture of dessert because I was too full at first and decided to take it back to the office with me.  It was some kind of raspberry cookie thing.  Pretty good!


I got these lovely shots of the quaint little campus. 


This is a picture of the radiators!  They were HOT!  I have to wear short sleeves next week or I’ll never make it.

For the ride home, I prepared with these lovely and nutritious items.  (haha) 


Tonight was Bingo for Lydia’s band.  Look at the reigning cake walk queen.  Lydia won three times!  

I had a piece of this lovely one!

During Bingo, I had dinner #1.

We had so much fun!


Here is dinner #2 that I scrambled up once I got home.

Lydia has All District auditions tomorrow so it will be an early morning for us.  I hope to be very productive all day!

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