I won’t sugar coat it.  Today was tough.  I was working as hard as I could to get some things organized and the house cleaned and before I knew it, the afternoon was slipping away from me.  I got a call from a friend that needed me to look after her kids for a little while and I couldn’t say no.  That meant delaying my run.  When the hours started ticking away, I started seeing if I could muster up the courage to face the treadmill.  I just couldn’t.  12 miles is torture on that dreaded, wonderful, hated, loved, idiotic, amazing machine.  So….I scrapped the run and promised myself that I’d try to run tomorrow before church.  I can’t run after church because I have another commitment.  

For lunch, in the middle of my meltdown, I had a stupid cheese quesadilla. 


Then…I had to go to church for Altar Guild duties.  Right about the time I was on my last pews, Lydia got home and was starved.  Ron and Lydia wanted to go out and it was their turn to choose.  Golden Corral it was.   Lydia had thought that she did pretty well in the All District auditions but her scores did not reflect that.  She was very disappointed.  

I forgot my phone in the car so no pictures for dinner.  They really wouldn’t have been that amazing anyway. First came a spinach salad that was horrible.  Following that was some okra, hushpuppies, mashed potatoes, and two slices of cheese pizza.  The yeast roll was yummy and luckily that had my favorite coconut cream pie for dessert. 

I did a little laundry and other than that, I sorta vegged out.  I’ve got to pull it together tomorrow….Please say a prayer for me.  I need it.

What are some of your tips to stay calm when you have way too much to do?

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