Don’t Worry…..Trust Jesus

Now that’s what I’m talking about.  Much better day today.  And what did I do differently?  I chose to “Not Worry and Trust Jesus.”  

I didn’t make it out of bed in time to run before church.  When my alarm went off, it was still dark and cold.  Even though my running clothes were all laid out and I had mentally prepared, I just couldn’t face the cold.  I did have a nice breakfast.  Regular whipped banana oats with a dollop of PB.


I went to church pouting a little because I knew any hopes of getting in my run were slim to none due to another commitment I had after church.  I promised my friend I would babysit her children again.  She’s thinking about joining our church and today they had a Discovering Church Membership class. 

We’ll today’s Children’s sermon was all about not worrying and trusting Jesus.  (These children’s messages often are really meaningful to me.  I love them.)  I’ve been humming this song all day and it has totally changed my attitude.

I just love this verse: 

Since we had a four year old, a six year old, and a nine year old in tow, Lydia and I did what any babysitters would do.  We headed straight to Mickey Dees.  All the kids got happy meals and Lydia got a burger.  I stopped at BoJangles beforehand and got an egg and cheese biscuit and their spicy fries.  I’m not being a very good food blogger.  I forgot to take a picture of lunch.  It was delicious though.  I just love their fries!

The kids were great!  They ate everything and played so nicely.  They asked for ice cream and it was my pleasure to oblige.

Luckily my friend’s class ended at 3:00 and I headed out for my run around 4:00.  I knew 12 miles would take me a little over 2 hours and I started to worry about it getting too dark to run.  I caught myself and decided to just enjoy the daylight that I did have and if it got dark, I’d just finish up on the treadmill.  Having a positive attitude made all the difference.  It was a wonderful 12!  I did the first 6 in 68 minutes.  Then I took a quick bathroom break and downed a chocolate Gu.  I used to hate chocolate Gus but now I’m loving them.  Today’s tasted exactly like I was eating a spoonful of Duncan Hines chocolate frosting.  Yummo!  Somehow the sun stayed in the sky until 5:45 and even when I finished up a little after 6:00, it wasn’t completely pitch dark.  Yay for the days getting longer now!  My total time (minus the short break) was 2:19.  

When I got in, I whirled up this Chocolate monster.  Perfect recovery drink.


For dinner, it was fend for yourself because everyone wanted different things.  I chose a broiled cheese and jam English muffin and Parmesan Tomato soup.  I had some of Lydia’s Diet Ginger Ale to drink. 


I’ve had my shower and am in my flannel PJ’s.  Looking forward to a night in front of the television.  My house isn’t completely clean but I’m not worring! 

What are some of your favorite Bible verses?

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