Stomach Bug!

My sweet Lydia is SICK!  I’ve never seen her or anyone with a stomach bug as nasty as this one is.  I’m praying she will be better tomorrow. 

I had a very busy day.  Cleaned a lot and did a lot of work for the band, Worship team and Altar Guild.  I’m exhausted. 

I took some pictures of my dining pleasures but I’ll have to share them with you later.  I think you are going to love my Chocolate Sluge that I guzzled at lunch.  (hehe)

Tomorrow – Friday will be very long.  I’ll be at Bennett College in Greensboro. 

This week’s running calls for two fours and one 9 and then a 19 for the weekend.  (I cut my plan down to only four days because I was getting too stressed out trying to run 5 days.)

I hope I can get them all in!

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