Fast Food

Yesterday’s food was healthy. 


 Today’s not so much. 

BoJangles egg and cheese biscuit for breakfast…..sorry no picture.  It was still dark when I was in the drive-through. 

This lunch from the Super WalMart deli…

And Taco Bell for dinner…no picture again.  I was on a mission.  I had to make it back home in time for tonight’s BPA meeting and I didn’t think I could spare even a few more seconds.    I had a 7 layer burrito, nachos and cheese, and a caramel apple empanada.  Taco Bell is my favorite Veggie junk food. 

I’ve got overnight oats in a jar in the fridge for tomorrow so maybe I can turn things around. 

Here’s hoping.

On the very bright side….Lydia is BETTER!

And Fred and Lily are quite the lazy dogs!

2 thoughts on “Fast Food

  1. Thanks for supporting me aunt missy hehe. When i was a vegetarian I loved taco bells bean burrito it was my favorite!!!! By the way guess what I got promoted once again. In nov I was promoted from shift manager to Asst store manager which was a position that was just created when we bacame corporate. well today I became the store manager I am so nervous and excitied well hope you have a good weekend!!

  2. Yahoo! Heather that is so amazing! I am so happy for you. Weren’t we just talking about you being the boss the other night! You are going to do great!

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