Moons, Bread, Miles, and Socks

I didn’t mention it yesterday, but driving home last night I saw the most amazing moon.  It started out very big and yellow and as I got closer to home, it kept rising and changing over to white.  It was perfectly full!  I thought to myself that I would probably be enjoying the same moon this morning and I was right!  I got to enjoy our morning moon all the way from Clayton to Chapel Hill.  Smooth Sailing again for me but unfortunately, I heard I40 incoming from Johnston County was a parking lot again.  Why does that always happen?  So sorry for anyone that was in it and the poor souls that had the fender bender again. 

Same routine again for me.  One cup of coffee on the road and then once I got the shop up and running, I settled into this breakfast.  Overnight oats again but not in a jar.  (I missed my nut butter!)  I did sprinkle a few Quaker Oat Squares on for some crunch.

For lunch, I mapquested Great Harvest and scored again!  Only 5 short miles from Bennett.  Sadly, I should have checked first because not all Great Harvest’s serve sandwiches and the Greensboro one did not.  I did sample a few breads.  I ended up with these loaves.  The round one is called Appalachian Trail Bread and it tastes like trail mix in a loaf.  So amazing.  The sliced one is Dakota.  It is a high protein, high fiber bread that is also so good. 


Since I didn’t get a sandwich there, I had to go next door and get this Veggie Delight.  I added the chips and guac on the side from home.

I got a little sleepy on the drive home and I so wanted a McFrappe’ from McDonald’s.   I talked myself out of the 500+ calories and decided to go to Burger King for a large Seattle’s Best coffee.  Little did I know these 380 calorie onion rings would jump in my car too.

I’m happy to report I did get some running in tonight.  4 super easy, super fun miles.  Not sure why I enjoyed it so much.  Could it have been Ron’s goofy stereo headphones and “Our State” on UNC-TV?  Not sure….but I luved me some running tonight. 

Good news on the running front too!  They opened up some more half marathon spots so Ron got in.  He’s running on March 20th with me.  I’m just going a wee bit farther than he is.  Now does that mean I have to sign up for the Inside Out Sports one in Cary too?  Lesson learned.  Register early to stave off any headaches.

Tonight’s dinner was an exact repeat of last night’s.  Lasagna and a slice of bread and the second half to my chocolate sludge proudly displayed in my historic Tupperware shaker. 


Now about those socks.  I have run over 1000 miles and I’m still on my original 5 pair of Champion running socks I got on clearance from Target for $5.00. ($1.00 per pair)  They are good socks mind you but I was at Inside Out Sports the other day looking for some silicone toes sleeves.  (Don’t ask…they help prevent “black toe” that runners often get.)  They didn’t have any so I just looked around a bit and decided to splurge and get an $8.00 single pair of socks.  They are the Balega hidden cool brand and are SOOOOO comfortable and cushy.  Hey….maybe that’s why my run was so peppy?!  Anyway, if you are a runner, go get good socks!  Don’t try to be frugal.  Go ahead and get them.  I’m heading back for more next payday! 

Interesting fact.  Did you know that Spanish artifacts have been found in Catawba County, NC dating back to the 1500’s?  I learned that on “Our State.”  St. Augustine is one of our family’s favorite places and little did we know we had some of that same history right here in good ‘ole NC!  Also….Somerset Place in Washington County, NC was one of the upper South’s largest plantations.  It was owned by the Collins family.  My mother’s maiden name was Collins.  Too cool!  I want to go there and tour the house and the hospital and the slave homes.

2 thoughts on “Moons, Bread, Miles, and Socks

    • Yeah…we have a pretty cool state don’t we? But again….you have had some pretty awesome states in your history too!

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