I followed the moon again this morning.  This time it hung in the sky all the way to Greensboro.  Almost full.  Just a Cheshire Cat smile sliced off the right side.  These 13 hour days have been getting to me a little.  I slept until 5:40am and that only left me enough time to quickly shower, throw on some clothes and a little make-up, and grab a cup of coffee from our snazzy new Keurig machine.  I so wanted a PB sammie on our Great Harvest bread but that wasn’t happening.  I dashed through BoJangles and got an egg and cheese biscuit.  Took me 3 minutes in the drive through.  In retrospect, could I have put that sammie together in 3 minutes?  I bet so. 

Anyway, I had this banana and water once I got the shop opened.  And yes, I love over-ripe bananas.  Can’t stand one without at least a few brown spots on it. 

For lunch, I googled healthy eating places in Greensboro and found Jack’s Corner Mediterranean Deli only 2.73 miles from the college.   My 2.73 miles actually took me right from the campus of Bennett to the campus of UNCG.  Who knew I was this close to so many colleges?!  I saw NCA&T the other day but had no idea UNCG was just down the street.

Upon arrival at Jack’s, I saw this note framed on the wall. 

So what did I order?  Why Spanakopita and the Falafel Wrap of course.  I was so embarrassed.  I knew what they both were but since I couldn’t pronounce them, I just pointed to the words on the menu.  I’ve got to go Websters.com and hit the “hear it” button and practice over the weekend. 

The spanakopita was a savory spinach and cheese pastry.  I think I have had this before.  It tasted very good; sorta like a spinach pie.  As for the main dish, the wrap reminded me of a Gyro wrap.  A very think doughy pita that was divine.  The actual falafel which I learned today was a fried ball made of chickpeas, parsley, and spices, was delicious.  All the balls were covered in a cucumber, lettuce, and tomato sauce.  If I work at Bennett next week, pray for me.  I might just go to Jack’s every day.

It’s been a long week so I just had to get some snacks for the drive back to Clayton.

I got my run on when I arrived home and completed another easy four miles.  I have been researching running form and have discovered that I do a heel strike that is a no-no.

See here….

They say all you have to do to correct this is to lean a bit forward in the shoulders.  I tried it tonight and it is amazing.  When I shifted my shoulders, it felt like the treadmill was slowing down.  I had to bump the speed up several, several notches just to feel like I wasn’t going to crash into the front.  I can’t wait to test it out on the road.

Now here’s dinner.  The PB sammie I should have made this morning and a chocolate monster.  (I made two tonight in hopes that I could get Lyds to drink one.  She wouldn’t.)  I can’t wait to get rid of all this chocolate protein powder.  I’m tired of it!  Next time I’m getting vanilla for sure.

Tomorrow I am attending a church organization class and then we are organizing the church.  I’m taking my TVP chili to share with everyone.  I hope they like it.

2 thoughts on “Jack’s

  1. So I take it you liked the “feelawfuls” that is kinda how you pronounce it right??? Anyway thank God you didn’t have time for that sammy and you are supporting me once again hehe. The other dish you had at Jacks is a greek dish right? The greeks at family rest used to make it and the grape leaf wraps for me I loved them. Glad you felt so good running today you are truly a rock star!

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