Mr. Bean Goes to Church

Had a really good day.  Church was wonderful.  I just love Mt. Zion!  I also really love it when our pastor says that it is ok that some people don’t connect with our style of worship.  Some people may feel more of a connection at C3 or the Biker Church.  Some may love Shiloh Baptist and others love Oakland Presbyterian.  Our church website even offers links to other area churches.  You see…we all are on the same team if the gospel of Christ is being taught.  But who couldn’t love Mt. Zion?  I mean, how many others of you got to watch a clip of Mr. Bean going to church today?  I’ve never heard so much laughter in our church on a Sunday morning in my life!

click here to view clip: 

The youth held a soup and potato lunch today for a fundraiser and we decided to stay.  It was delicious.  And, I did take a picture.  I just can’t get it to email off my Blackberry.  I’m still having technical difficulties today.  I had a baked potato with cheese and sour cream and a big ole’ salad.  I also had some sweet and sour soup that had TOFU in it.  Thanks Ginger for showing it to me!  It was so good!  Lastly, I got a sampling of small desserts that included a mini lemon muffin, a thumbprint cookie, and some white chocolate covered pretzels. 

Lydia decided that it might jinx her if we drove the area near the DMV so that left my whole afternoon wide open.  Lydia and Brittany helped with dishes and laundry and I set out on my run.  I completed 15 miles in 162 minutes for a 10.8 pace.  Woohoo!  Pretty good!  Then it got dark on me and I had to come in.  I did the last 4 on the treadmill but I took a couple of breaks to work on laundry. 

Lydia was craving Chinese tonight so we go take-out.  All I really wanted was more soup.  Egg Drop this time.  I paired it with this purple monster!  Blueberry Pomegranate with a couple of handfuls of spinach and some skim milk, ice, and water.  I couldn’t take the chocolate protein powder.  I might just have to go get some vanilla even before I’m out of the chocolate.  I also had a slice of bread with PB.    

Monday and Tuesday are at Bennett again and you’ll be proud that I have my breakfast ready to go. 

Night all!

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