From LeJeune Way to Bragg Blvd. in a Day

What do I do for a living?  Drive?  You’d think so wouldn’t you?  Today I got elected to take a co-worker to Jacksonville to pick up a company car.  Then we had to go to Fayetteville to sort parts and to cover at the 82nd Airborne.  We didn’t have many calls at all so most of the day was just driving and taking inventory.  A good day.  Just long!

I am so sorry to have to report that all my pictures are stuck on my camera.  I did it again.  No memory card.  Ron is on call tonight and out on a service issue so he can’t help me find the cord. 

I’ve heard about a card that you can wireless upload  from your camera to your computer.  That’s what I need.  I’ve been worrying about it anyway with all the in and out that I do with it.

So here we go….  I’m going to try to show you with Google images what I had today. 

Breakfast was with my co-worker at McDonalds.  An egg and cheese biscuit (no meat, just the egg and cheese) with coffee. 

Lunch was at Subway and was a Veggie patty sub with chips and a PB cookie. 

Snack was bad!  I couldn’t help it.  A sleeve of Little Debbie coconut crunch doughnuts and a Red Bull.  (You knew it.) 

Dinner was yummy.  Spaghetti with mushrooms and olive red sauce and roasted veggies.  Those veggies were to die for.  Lyds and I loved them.  They will be repeated for sure.

Dessert was a Crunch Bar. 

Before dinner, I did run 5 pretty good miles.  I was watching Idol and they went by very quickly! 

Woohoo!  Tomorrow is Friday and on Saturday I get to see Andie and Jonathan.

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2 thoughts on “From LeJeune Way to Bragg Blvd. in a Day

  1. Focus more on getting the new camera instead of finding the cord. With this new blog site you NEED a new camera. By the way, it’s okay for me to say this cause Missy is my sister.

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