“I’m strong to the finish, cause I eats me spinach!”

I cannot believe that I only had a banana and coffee for breakfast!  I have not done that in forever.  Not sure why that happened.  I think I just got busy at work and before I knew it, it was almost 11:00.  I had planned to go to McDonald’s and try their new oatmeal.  Oh well, I’ll try it sometime soon I’m sure.


For lunch I had to run errands so I just picked this up at Kroger. 

I normally get a full vegetable plate when I go there but their veggies looked pretty sad today.  I opted for mac and cheese, an apple, and these baby carrots and hummus from the produce area.

Look what I picked up to help me with all my driving next week.  I hope they are good.  Of course I know the basic theme of Huckleberry Finn but high school and cliff notes just don’t cut it.

When I got home and I realized I would be all alone, I ate this pre-run snack. 

PB and jam sammie.

Lydia has her license now and she’s out at White Oak dining and shopping with her friend Kai.  Ron is unfortunately still at work.  

I was heading out for 10 miles but, I got scared.  What if Lydia needed me and my cell phone had a bad signal?  I had to stay home and by the house phone.  The treadmill it was.  I tried all my mental tricks but this time I couldn’t get it together.  I only managed 3 little miles.  Running really is a mental thing to me.  If I had been running in the neighborhood and the sun was still shining, I could have gone forever!  We’ll test that out tomorrow morning when I set out for a 20 miler! 

Here’s dinner:  leftover spaghetti and can spinach. 


Confession….I love can spinach so much!  I’ve loved it my whole life.  Even long before I started putting spinach in smoothies, I was eating it straight out of the can.

I think I might have been bored and decided I needed a little bowl of Kashi for dessert.

Good Night friends!

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