Whirlwind of a Weekend

Saturday’s breakfast was a killer grilled banana sandwich and this pretty pink grapefruit. 

Have you seen this awesome Pampered Chef grapefruit knife?  When you cut down the sides of the membranes, you can cut two at a time.  It is so cool.  Funny though…..when I peel a grapefruit, I eat the membranes and all.  When I slice a grapefruit and serve it for breakfast, I always use my grapefruit knife. 

After breakfast, Lydia and I remember that we needed to get to the bank.  We had to go to the one in Garner because it was the only one open on a Saturday.  She needed to get everything started so she can get her debit card to easily get gas at the pumps. 

I only had time enough to run 8.5 miles but boy were they awesome!  My pace was 10:40 and I completed them in 88 minutes.  It was a gorgeous day. 

Afterward, I scarffed down this monster and then headed to Wilmington to see Andie and Jonathan.


Jonathan’s mother, Peggy, had invited me to go down with her and it was so fun.  We took them out to a Japanese Steak House and had a wonderful meal.  I had the vegetarian delight but didn’t get any pics.  I hadn’t asked Andie and Jonathan if they minded beforehand and I didn’t want to just spring it on them.  Trust me though.  The pile of veggies and rice was a mile high and I ate almost all of it.

Breakfast this morning was oats beautiful oats.

Then church.  Today’s sermon was about what to say to someone who says they church is anti-intellectual.  Made a lot of sense to me but I have to study up on it before I try to repeat what I learned.  The two things that I will remember are that if someone says this to you; challenge them to challenge God to reveal Himself to them.  Then, you go pray that God will do the same.  Maybe the door will crack open just a little and that might be enough to get the ball rolling. 

I had this pre-run snack.  It is my go to snack of PB and jam sammie.  I have one before almost all of my longer runs.  Sometimes I add a banana.

Then Ron and I headed off.  He ran the first 8 miles with me.  I haven’t run with him in about 8 or 9 months.  He used to be so much faster than me.  Not anymore!  It was almost painful running so slow!  He did well though and we did 8 miles in 100 minutes. 

After a short break and a Gu, I set out for 12 more.  It got dark on me and and I had to stop and put on my reflective vest.  I had another Gu at around mile 16 and a full 20 ounces of Gatorade throughout the run.  My total time was 4:08.

My sweet neighbors gave me this awesome potato salad and I ate it almost immediately after getting back in.   (I did save Ron some.) 


Lydia made me this apple pie smoothie.  It was yummy. 

Then I threw together a scrambled egg sammie and more canned spinach.

Great weekend but really a whirlwind of one. 

Next week, I’m going to try to focus on getting enough protein each day.  I think I have been a little low over the past few weeks.

Only 7 more weeks until my 2nd marathon!  Only 86 or so days until Mason’s arrival.  And….this Saturday is the Krispy Kreme Challenge.  Fun times ahead Matey!

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