Apples > Caffeine

You know how tired I was yesterday?  Well, I don’t think it was all tiredness.  I woke up last night with a fever!  Lydia has been sick and I must have caught what she has.  I sorta deserve it because I’ve been secretly somewhat smug about being so healthy.  I shouldn’t be that way!  I have to be grateful each and every day for all my blessings. 

Anyway….after tossing and turning all night long, I got up and showered and amazingly felt pretty good.  I was expecting it to be bad but it might just be the easiest virus I’ve ever had.  I’m a little scared that it will hit me more tonight when I lay down but I’m trying not to worry. 

I had this PB and banana English muffin and coffee for breakfast.


For lunch I was in Greensboro again and I went to Earthfare.  I got this delicious salad.  That grain dish on the side was Israeli cous cous and was sorta bleh. 


I picked up some more Flax Seed while I was there.  You’ll see it in my oats in mornings to come.


The most amazing thing happened to me on my drive home today.  I made it without caffeine!  My only snack was a half an apple, a delicious Cliff Bar, and water.  Was it the extra sleep I got last night (even if I did toss and turn a bit) or the apple?  I have heard that apples are just as effective as caffeine. 


I picked up our race packets for the Krispy Kreme Challenge tonight and made it home by around 8:00pm. 


Lydia and Ron had already eaten so I jumped on the treadmill and ran 3 miles and then dived into this dinner I through together.


Check out Lydia and me on the news!

Trying to hit the hay early again.

Good Night Friends!

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