Payday Activities

Got a good night’s rest and then enjoyed this breakfast.  Lydia and I have been hooked on these lately.

PB on English muffin with banana and coffee.  (I had the coffee – not Lydia)  Oh and a side note…..I was watching Toddlers and Tiaras the other night while I was on the treadmill and a mother gave a 6 year old coffee on pageant day to pep her up.  I was horrified!


Then I was off to Fort Bragg again.

I have discovered that there is such a thing that is called “Payday Activities” in the Army.  These days are scheduled near paydays and what happens is that a lot of the soldiers get a half day off.  So….when they have a half day off, they don’t call in service calls.  Woohoo!  I was so lucky today.  It was 35 degrees and raining and it would have been miserable if I had a lot of calls. 

I had lunch for the second time this week at Womack Army Hospital.  

Mac and cheese, okra and tomatoes, and a salad with cottage cheese.


Pretty good and oh so cheap!  (I did have to pick out the bacon that the okra and tomatoes were seasoned with.)

Made it home today with only water and a Cliff Bar.  Woohoo!  Maybe there is something to this getting 7+ hours of sleep a night per night.


Made this mushroom and pineapple pizza for dinner.


Also had this chocolate milkshake.  And when I say milkshake, I mean milkshake.  It has vanilla ice cream and milk and chocolate protein powder in it.  (not a smidge of spinach)


Gearing up for the KKC tomorrow morning.  It will probably be raining but I am ready.  I’ll show you my outfit tomorrow.

Saw this really old ad today on the internet and thought it was cute.

That small print reads:  “Runners, yeah, we’re different.” 

Good Night Friends!

4 thoughts on “Payday Activities

    • Yeah….I’ve seen them on the internet but not in person yet. I want the one that says, “If I collapse, pause my Garmin.” LOL I’m so happy for you for your new Prius!

  1. Will drinks coffee all the time. I had a Dr tell me once that it helped him focus because of his ADHD. And I really think it does help. But to pep a child up that is crazy it kinda calms William down lol

    • all the time? Heather you are crazy! Does he put cream and sugar in it? But if it helps with him focusing, that’s a good thing. Hey…maybe I should let Lydia drink some too!

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