Rainy Krispy Kreme Day!

The morning started early because of the 2011 Krispy Kreme Challenge.  Ron and I were running again for our second time. 

I began with my go to pre-run meal. 


We had a great time.   The things that I reflected on today as I was running was that 4 miles is nothing to sneeze at.  You’ve really got to respect each and every distance.  The KKC is all down hill to Krispy Kreme and then almost all up-hill on the way back to NCSU.  It’s hard for me sometimes to believe I can run 20+ miles.  These 4 were hard today.  Fun but hard.  And….even though I have been running for over a year, I only shaved about 3-4 minutes off my official time.  Yeah, I did waste about 10 minutes in the crowd getting my doughnuts but I did the same last year.  I thought I was getting faster?! 

It has been harder for me to train now that I am on the road so much with my job.  What I have decided to do is just do what I can, when I can, and keep it fun.   

Here are a couple of pictures after we got home.


I had a second breakfast of Kashi after my HOT shower.

Then it was lunch time.  The return of tofu!  Simple, basic, grilled tofu with nothing but salt and pepper.  Delicious.


My throat has been sore and I haven’t felt on top of the world today.  I’ve been really lazy.  The only other thing I did was go to the church and do the oil and change the paraments. 

I made this Boca Chic patty and the rest of my lunchtime veggies for dinner.

Here’s dessert….


Ice cream with Kashi!

Here’s the KKC on the news. 


 I did a movie too and you can see it on facebook.

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