What a SUPER Day!

I had a SUPER DAY!

Started with the supersized waffle with bananas, yogurt,  flax seed,  and frozen blueberries.  Yummo!


Church was absolutely wonderful.  Love Jesus so much!

Lunch was a sampling of my TVPless chili that I made to take to the Super bowl Party.


Then look who had a SUPER walk. 


Lily, Lucky, Fred and I covered 4 super miles.  The dogs were pooped!  I hope I didn’t over do it on them. 

I had this little snack of oranges and cottage cheese before the party.

Here are Ron’s and my beverages of choice for tonight’s festivities.  I loved the Cupcake wine.


I also took this pot of chili.

 And this pickle dip.  It was a winner.  Just mix together cream cheese, sour cream, and dill relish.


We had so much fun at with our SUPER neighbors the Moore’s and Dan!  Had an absolutely Fantabulous time!

Lydia got ice cream and cones for everyone but somehow I missed getting one. 

What a great night!

Good Night Friends!

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