Long day but oh so sweet!

Began with a trip to Mickey Dee’s.  I am such a creature of habit!

Then this awesome salad and a free cookie.  Can anyone guess from where?  The cookie is a dead give-away!

The salad had all the usual but that one at 11:00 is an edamame and tofu mixture that was so good.  Hadn’t seen that one anywhere!

I was working in Wilmington at New Hanover Regional Medical Center today so you know what that means!

I got to see my Sweet Andie Rose! 

We met up at the mall and had this snack before we went shopping.


We ended up at Belk’s and they were having a free gift at Clinque, so Andie got her face done.  She looked gorgeous.  (not that she didn’t already look beautiful anyway)


For my dark, rainy, trip home, I stocked up and popped in my audio book.  “At Home in Mitford” is so refreshing!  I’m about half way through and loving it.


When I got home, I made a light dinner for Lyds and I has some of yesterday’s TVPless chili. 

 Good Night Friends!

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