Cough be gone!

My cough is going away!  Hurray! 

I got to work at home today and I finally had a chance to catch up on my emails and reports.  Guess how many business miles I drove in January? 

For breakfast I had oats!


Today I did something a little different and added frozen blueberries and Kashi granola.  Yummo!

For lunch I didn’t have a lot to choose from but somehow ended up with an amazing meal.


Veggies with the last of some great BBQ sauce and a tofu, caramelized onions, and cheese broiled sandwich.  Oh my word!  It was out of this world!


I did have both halves of the sandwich.  They just wouldn’t fit on my plate together.

A mid-afternoon snack of a spoonful of PB satisfied my sweet tooth.

After finishing up work, I ran 7.58 miles.  I was shooting for 10 but I had to quit and run to the band room for a BPA commitment.  I didn’t let it bother me though.  I am remembering that I am just doing all that I can, when I can, and keeping it fun.

Dinner was yummy too.  I whipped up my veggie lasagna and served this wonderful soup on the side.


Even my asparagus hating husband devoured it.  He used the garlic bread and dipped it. 


Lydia ate hers but she took a drink of sweet tea afterwards and said she thought the combination of the asparagus and sweet tea was like dead fish. 

How can I ever get my family to love asparagus as much as I do?  It is the vegetable of kings!

Busy, busy, week ahead.

Good Night Friends!

One thought on “Cough be gone!

  1. I love asparagus too! I actually love all green veggies. I used to love the collard greens at Uncle Curtis’s and Aunt Dreama restaurants. Yummy

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