Dumb and Dumber


Moon driving again this morning.  What a pretty start to my day. 

Managed to make this PB sammie, and banana for my 2 hour trek. 

I had that one cup of coffee while I was getting ready and then another on my drive.

Is my one cup promise slowing turning into my old habits of way too much caffeine?  I hope I can get it under control again soon.

I had to run an errand at lunch so I swung by Subway for this veggie sub and chips.  I added the orange and water from home.  That cookie just slipped in there some way.

So…do you all have that little yellow kitchen tool from Tupperware?  It is a lifesaver when you are peeling oranges.  All you do is run it down the sides a few times and then you have a place to begin peeling.  I have an orange colored one too and they are great.  I got them when I used to sell Tupperware in the early 90’s.

I tried to make it home without stopping but I couldn’t.  I pulled off at an exit that I hadn’t been to before and wouldn’t you know it!  A Target right there staring at me.  If I had slipped in the gas station I would have easily spent 4 bucks on a Red Bull and some other snack.  Target gave me that huge bag of popcorn and Cherry Coke for only a buck and a half. 

I ate most of that bag and loved my Cherry Coke!

When I got home, I visited a bit with Ron and Lydia who had already eaten.  Then I hit the treadmill for 5 miles.  The run wasn’t so bad but I tell you what….that popcorn was like lead in my stomach.  A very dumb idea.

I’ve done some dumb things over the year or so that I’ve been running and a huge serving of popcorn will go down as one of the dumbest. 

One of the other really dumb things I have done was the time I ran a long run with Coke in my water bottles instead of Gatorade.  I had heard that the sugar would give you an extra umph and thought I would give it a go.  Well….I didn’t let the Coke go flat first as I found out later that you needed to do.  It ended up spraying out of my bottle with all the jostling up and down and got all over me.  I was a sticky, sweaty mess.  And what was left that I drank made me so sick.  Never again.

Never again to popcorn too!

I tried to detox myself with this blueberry and spinach monster.  Have I told you how much I hate this chocolate protein powder!  YUCK!  I needed the protein so I did drink it but wowser!  I’m getting vanilla stat!

I had this simple Boca chick pattie with cheese, pickles, spinach, and ketchup for dinner.

Hitting the hay because I will be driving with the moon again tomorrow!

Oh…and my salad the other day was from Harris Teeter.  Love their free dragon cookies.  And my total business miles for January was 2,493.

Good Night Friends!

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