No moon driving.  It was all snow this morning.  Came down like crazy most of the way.  It didn’t stick on the interstate at all.  Thank goodness.

I zipped through Burger King and got a second cup of coffee and the usual.  However, I did add a chocolate, blueberry monster that I made ahead last night.  I always make huge portions and with my stomach ache last night, I could only drink half.  I just love my old Tupperware shaker!


Here’s the dusting that Bennett got.  So pretty.


Lunch was an orange, yogurt, veggie lasagna and veggies. 


I didn’t even try to drive home without a Red Bull!  Somehow I knew I’d need it.  These long days are really starting to get to me.


I’m pooped!

 Everyone had eaten when I got home so I just warmed up some more veggie lasagna and toast. 


Dessert was toast and chocolate PB.  Now this chocolate, I love!


I saw this quote today and thought I’d share.  “People always make time to do the things they really want to do.”  I have heard it before but it is so true!

Here’s one more that I like:  “Someone busier than you is running right now.”  old Nike ad

Night Friends!

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