Go Ron….It’s Your Birthday!

Guess who turned 54 today!

Happy Birthday Honey!

I cannot believe that I woke up in time to make oats! 

I was out of bananas so I stirred in blueberries.  So delish.

Today I worked in Greenville at DSM Pharmaceuticals.  They have a strict no cameras rule so I can’t show you my amazing cheese pizza and salad that I got from their company cafeteria.  Trust me though.  It was colorful and oh so tasty.

Here’s my snack for my 80 mile drive home.  (Yeah…no coffee or Red Bull)

Tonight, Lydia had a preview show for her Winter Guard.  They did amazing.  I was so proud of her. 

Here’s a pic of Lydia and her very good friend Kai. 

Their other good friend, Amber, got them the roses and stuffed animals.  Wasn’t that soooo sweet of her. 

We went to LaCocina for Ron’s birthday celebration.  I got one of their vegetarian specials.

We really had a great time.

Happy Birthday Ron!

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2 thoughts on “Go Ron….It’s Your Birthday!

  1. ok so it seems you really like Mexician food! I do have some recipes to share but all of them have meat 😦 I promise as soon as i learn to make those “real” Mexican enchilidas I will share. There is one recipe I think that would be good meatless or with “fake meat” it is pozole it is a soup thats main ingredients are pork, hominey and peppers I will try it meatless and let you know!

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