I have bangs again!  Halleluiah! 


I got a hair cut this morning and it made me feel so happy! 


I have to see about running tomorrow but I did do a boat load of laundry the afternoon.

Here was dinner:


Millet seasoned with Earth Balance and salt and peppa

Roasted Zucchini chips

and a sweet potato with cinnamon and Earth Balance

I am stuffed!  Very very yummy!

Andie teases me when I make millet because we used to give it to our cockatiel.  It is fattening for birds and should only be given as treats but for people it is a very healthy grain.

Blogging early because I’m heading back to the gym to see the awards ceremony for Lydia’s Winter Guard.

Night Friends.

PS…I’ll give you details on her competition and my run tomorrow

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