Silver and Gold

Sunday is becoming our waffle day.

 Lydia’s waffle maker is so cool.  I put yogurt, bananas, flax, and maple syrup on mine!

 Church was good.  It was a packed house because of Scout Sunday.  So proud of all the young boys and girls that were awarded their religious awards.

I ate a Clif Bar after church before my run


My 20 miler was great.  My fellow marathoner and good friend had done hers yesterday and gave me a pep talk after church.  She did hers in 3.5 hours.  WAY TO GO LISA!  I am so happy for you.

She told me to not go out too fast but I was feeling so good, I couldn’t hold back.  My first 5 were in 50 minutes and then next 5 were in 49 minutes.  The next 5 were a bit slower but still pretty good at about 59 minutes.  Then came the last 5.  I hit a wall.  I’ve never hit a wall before until today.  I totally wanted to quit.  But I kept on….  I thought a lot and I think I am not fueling properly.  Just think of what I had yesterday.  Oatmeal, millet, sweet potato, and zucchini.  I don’t think I’m getting enough calories to support this mileage.  What do you guys think?

Anyway…at 18.28 miles, a very old friend in the neighborhood stopped me and wanted to chat.  I haven’t talked to her in a very long time and we used to be pretty close.  Needless to say, we had a lot of catching up to do.  I bet we talked for 30 minutes or more in her driveway.  (I did pause my Garmin)  So good to see her again.

Then I started my Garmin and headed out for those last 2 miles.  I could barely move my legs at first.  (Note to self….do not stop and stand still for 30 minutes during a long run ever again.)

I finished with a total time of 3:50 and that was exactly like one of my 20 milers from last October.

I’ll take it.  I was hoping for 3:45 but at 3:50 on the nose, I’m happy.

After a quick HUGE smoothie of skim milk, choco protein powder, Yoplait fruit smoothie mixes, and two large handfuls of spinach and a super fast shower, I did what any friend would do. 


I had been invited to share a glass of wine with one of my very best friends that I’ve only know for a few years.  (I call her a new friend.)  We had a blast.  Talked over two wonderful glasses and had a great time.

Then I came home and made this pepper jack cheese melt with eggs and salsa for dinner.

Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s gold! 

Good Night Friends!

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