Budget Cuts and that’s no Red Bull!

Pumpkin Oats this morning.  When I open a can of pumpkin, I’m going to be the only one to eat it.  So…..you might be seeing these for a few more days.


Lunch was at DSM again and NO CAMERAS. (not even smart phones)  All I had was leftovers anyway so it wasn’t so exciting. 

Spinach enchiladas, rice-beans-Rotel mix, yogurt, and an apple.  Not so exciting but very filling and very healthy so exciting to me.

I drove the 1.5 hours home today with nothing but water and my audio book.  I wanted to stop once but I’m trying to kick the Red Bull habit.  Also, I’m needing to save money.  We’ve got a grandson on the way you know!

I had to go to a school budget brainstorming meeting tonight.  Our county is anticipating a huge shortfall this coming year and they wanted ideas from the community.  Many cuts and revenue generating ideas were tossed about.  It will be interesting to see what happens in August.

I had this quick dinner of a sweet potato with veggie baked beans and a vegan Boca burger on toast with pepperjack cheese.  That is spinach on the side that I put on the burger with the ketchup.


Ron’s cookies were for dessert.


I also had a few pieces of Lydia’s Valentine candy. 

I took a rest day from exercise and am still working on laundry.

Read Romans 8:28     It’s a good one!

Good Night Friends!

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