New Mix-in

I slept ‘til 9:30 this morning!  Felt so good!

Then I proceeded to make this delicious bowl of oats.


I’ve seen people mix in cottage cheese in oats on the healthy living blogs I read but I’ve sorta been scared to try it myself.  I like cottage cheese an all (it reminds me of my mother who adores it with peaches) but something about mixing it in with hot oats made me leery. 

No worries were needed.  This is awesome!  I foresee cottage cheese becoming a regular mix-in.


Today’s recipe was:

1/3 cup old fashioned oats

1/3 cup skim milk (using it up and switching to alternative milks like my sister, Rosa)

1/3 cup water

½ mashed banana

1/3 cup cottage cheese stirred in at the last bit of cooking

1 tsp brown sugar

Sprinkles of cinnamon

Drops of vanilla

And topped with ½ sliced banana and Kashi granola

Wish I had put in 1 TBSP of flax seed but I forgot.

I’ve got a very busy weekend ahead and a long one.  I have Monday off.  It was supposed to be a school holiday but Lydia has to make up a snow day. 

Happy Saturday Friends!

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