Orange Julius

I didn’t have lunch until 2:30 or so today.  It has been crazy! 

I gobbled down this PB sammie and apple with cinnamon.  I actually put the apple on the sammie and it was so good.

Lyds got her hair cut and then we splurged and went to Golden Corral.  I had a huge salad, fried okra, squash, lima beans (oh so good), and a little bit of peach cobbler and a small slice of lemon cake.

I had a worship meeting tonight and when I got home, I was sorta hungry for some reason.  I decided to see if I could recreate an Orange Julius. 


One orange, 2 cups of skim milk, and one scoop of VANILLA  protein powder.

Looks like a glass of milk but I promise you there was a hint of orange to this monster and it was to die for. 

Goodnight Friends!

PS..  Will I run tomorrow?  I hope so.

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