Raisins for Gu

Lydia is doing better!  


This morning’s breakfast was a leftover waffle from Sunday and a banana.


I got work from home this morning and only had a late afternoon meeting at NC Bar.  I was able to work in my long run (10 miles) today because I knew I would end up working late.  It was glorious! I did my first 6 in 63 minutes.  Oh yeah!  The next 4 were a bit slower but still so fun! 

At mile 6 I snapped this self portrait and got my Madonna on.  (that’s code for getting a fresh oh so 80’s headband)  I didn’t have any Gu so I downed this handful of raisins.


Raisins were the perfect fuel!

After my run, I had this huge monster. 


And thus, I wasn’t hungry for lunch.

Tonight’s dinner was chili and basic tofu.


A spoonful of Dark Chocolate Dreams was dessert.

Have a lot still to do. 

Happy almost weekend everyone!

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