For 22 years and 9 months, I was Missy Dickenson.  For 23 years now, I’ve been Melissa Cupit.

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband, Ron Cupit!

Friday morning I had a bowl of Kashi and a banana.


For lunch I had some leftover TVP chili, some chip crumbs, and some grapes.


About a week ago, Ron casually asked me if I wanted to go to Asheville for our anniversary.  “YES PLEASE,” said I. 

He said, “okay then….plan it up.”  And plan it up I did.

We drove for 4 hours on Friday evening and munched on a healthy bowl of veggie chips that Ron had packed for us. 


We stayed at the romantic Hill House Bed and Breakfast in Asheville. 

Isn’t it just beautiful!


We dined in our room on a salad, bread, and cheese that Ron got from Kroger.  That salad looks like it’s nothing but lettuce but there was a boiled egg, tomato, cheese, red pepper, and cucumber hidden underneath.  The Ken’s Blue Cheese dressing that he got for us was out of this world.  I ate the entire thing!


For dessert, I hit up the bottomless cookie jar in the parlor.  The toffee bars were good too.


What a great day!

So excited to see what Asheville has in store for us!

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