Hippies Use Backdoor…no exceptions!

Good Morning Asheville!  Our breakfast was so good.  We started with some fresh fruit served on some chilled fish plates. 


Then we had English muffins and some sort of egg entrée’.  Mine was vegetarian but Ron’s had bacon in it.


The breakfast conversation was so nice and I’m happy to report that my introvert of a husband cheerfully talked to all the other guests and seemed to have fun. 


After relaxing for a bit in our room, we were off for a run.  A short way through the neighborhood and down the street lead us right to the campus of UNC Asheville.  The city and the university have a joint greenway that made for a perfect run.  Ron ran the first 5 with me and then since I had my phone and I felt so safe, I ran for another 3 to the downtown area.  

Here we are cooling down on the porch and enjoying some lemonade.


Then it was lunch.  Leftover French bread and cheese with some almond butter.


Wish I had more to eat but we had to get moving to make our 3:00 Brews Cruise.

We did a walking tour through 4 local downtown breweries and had a great time.

Our first stop was Craggie’s.


It had my favorite beer and even a taste of some ice cream from “Hops” a local ice cream shop that uses beer to make their ice cream. 


Next stop was Green Man and I LOVED it too.


Here are some hops.  Don’t they look like rabbit food?


The hardest part of our tour involved walking straight up a huge hill on Church Street. 


This hill lead us to The Lobster Trap.  Can you believe they make an Oyster Stout?  It was horrible!

They served their samples with some oysters on the half shell.  I WAS STARVING by this time so I convinced myself that oysters were not really animals.  I had two with the Saltines and loved them.  I used to eat oysters on the half shell all the time growing up in Florida.


Our last stop was Asheville Brewing Company.  I was DONE with tasting by this point but Ron loved their Ninja Stout.


Finally, we made it to dinner.  The Laughing Seed Café (all vegetarian) was highly recommended and did not disappoint. 

I had tempeh and black beans and Ron had some sort of burrito.  We shared some jalapeño fries.


We walked some more down Wall Street after dinner.  Most of the shops were closed by this time so we just window shopped.


Dessert was a brownie and cookie when we got back to Hill House.


Such a fun day.

2 thoughts on “Hippies Use Backdoor…no exceptions!

  1. Sounds like a fun trip. Next time you are driving along I-40 and passing through Hickory, let me know. Would love to see you sometime – it has been ages!

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