Ron and I took all three dogs for a walk today.  It brightened up a lot after yesterday’s storms and really turned out to be a great day.

Well,  I stopped to pick up poo from one of our dogs.  I always do that because I hate for dogs to go in our yard.  I am a very responsible dog walker.  I even have scented poo bags that Andie got me.  They are so cute and have a nice little wristlet that they fit in.  As I was busy with the poo, Lucky slipped out of her collar and ran away. 

This wouldn’t have been so frightening if it hadn’t of been right in front of a yard with three Huskies.  Not too long ago, a small dog wandered into their yard and one of the Huskies almost killed it.  These Huskies have an invisible fence so they stay in their yard but it doesn’t keep other dogs out.

Thankfully, Lucky did not go in that yard and I managed to get her back pretty quickly.  All was well but I was terrified.  Ron has now tightened all of the dogs collars!

My question is, if Lucky had wandered into

that yard and a fight had started, would the owners of the Huskies have held any liability?

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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