We have a very overgrown gardenia bush right outside our kitchen window.  So overgrown in fact that some of the branches are touching the window itself.  I was heading out to do some trimming one day not too long ago only to be stopped in my tracks.  A cardinal was busily making a nest.  I couldn’t disturb her now.

The weeks went by and we saw the eggs.  We knew it wouldn’t be long until they hatched. 

Lo and behold one day there they were.  The mommy and the daddy were bringing the babies bites to eat.

As we sat down as a family for Easter dinner, we were rewarded with seeing the baby cardinals fed again.  They were getting so big.  Ron commented that one of them that was getting very close to the edge of the nest better not fall out or one of our dogs would likely gobble them up.

Later that evening afternoon, Lydia had completed her traditional Easter Bunny Cake.  We didn’t have all the normal decorations for whiskers and the like but it looked wonderful just the same.  She held the cake up and I got my camera. 

 This is when Lydia SCREAMED!

A black snake had climbed up the bush and was circling the nest.  And remember that gardenia bush is VERY, VERY close to the window.  Well needless to say I did what any mother would do when her child was frightened.  I comforted her and explained the circle of life.  NOT!  I high tailed it out of the kitchen like lightening and contemplated finding something very tall to climb on. 

Lydia, however, stayed and examined the snake closely from inside the window.  She told me that he was not sporting a bulge of any kind and was just in the bush waiting.  Could the birds have learned to fly just in time? 

We can only hope and pray!

Several hours later, Ron was outside near his shed.  He had gone to work and was just getting back.  I went to the side window that looks directly at Ron’s shed and opened it and proceeded to recount our epic tale.  I noticed that Ron wasn’t paying attention to me and was looking very quizzical at the ground.  When I asked him what was up, he said, “Two mice just ran by.”  Now mind you, this is still in broad day light.  What in the world could make mice come out in the daytime?

A SNAKE.  We hope anyway.  We never saw the mice again or the snake but it is my hope that is exactly what happened.


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