The Best Hummus Ever!

Ron and I recently got a new blender.  But not just any ole’ blender.  We got the BIG DADDY!  The blender of all blenders!  The Vitamix!    We are in love with it!

My green monsters have never been smoother.  It really is a dream.

The Vitamix came with a recipe book and Ron tried the hummus out first thing.

He made it a few days ago and it was the best hummus ever.

Tonight, he made another batch.

He followed the recipe almost to the letter except for adding tahini instead of the raw sesame seeds.  He also put in some turmeric, cumin, curry, salt, pepper,  some balsamic vinegar, and some lemon juice.

A few seconds later we had this.

This hummus is great as a dip or on a sandwich.  Delish!

I’m so sad that I didn’t get to feel the earthquake today.  I was at work and was clueless to
anything happening until people started calling our office.  Ron didn’t feel it either but Lydia did.  She was at a neighbor’s house and she said the lamps and everything were shaking.  Praying for all those that have been affected.  Praying also that Irene stays way out to sea.  Andie….you and Mason better come straight home if it heads near Wilmington!

Goodnight  friends!

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