22.2         and I’m not talking miles.  Sadly enough, I’m talking pounds.  

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my annual physical.  My appointment was at 3:00 so she didn’t run any blood tests yet.  I have to go back one morning next week so I can fast.  I’ll report later on as to my cholesterol levels and the like.

The good news is I am still in very good health!  And….have you heard?  They have this new PAP test that is so awesome that now you only have to get your PAP done every 3 years if all was normal last time.  No PAP for me this time!  Woohoo!  I’m good to go until 2013.  Mammograms are a different story though.  You have to get these yearly so I’ll be scheduling my appointment soon with Raleigh Radiology.  Raleigh Radiology has digital mammography and that is so important.  Don’t settle for the standard film mammography.  Digital mammography allows for better images and the convenience of electronic storage of your files.  I also got my flu shot.  You see.  Good, good, good.

Now on to the bad and the poundage results.  First thing when the nurse recorded my weight, I asked her how much I had gained since last year.  She told me that it was only about 5 pounds so I breathed a sigh of relief.  Then she looked at her chart closer and said that she was looking at my original weight from the first time I came to their office back in 2002.  When she looked at my September 2010 weight, well, that was a whole different story.  So that’s why I had to get new jeans.  Hmm.  Who would have thunk it? 

That’s what about 6 months of sporadic exercising and a marathon appetite will do for you!

Well no problem….I knew what I had to do.  RUN!  Over the years I have tried every.diet.in.the.world and running was the ONLY thing that ever gave me good results.  I’ve tried Weight Watchers and although I think they have a healthy approach, I never seemed to be able to stick with it.  I’ve tried Jenny Craig and let’s just say that was a disaster before it ever got going.  The food was pretty expensive and after one week of following it religiously, I had gained weight.  I quit then and there.  (Maybe I didn’t give Jenny a chance but it just wasn’t for me.)  The only diet I ever had any results on at all was (dare I say it)  Atkins!  I lost some weight but I after I trended off the bacon and pork rinds, I gained it all back.

All that time that I was running, I was eating healthily and most of the time it was all vegetarian.  (I was vegetarian for 10 months.)  I did have that weekly cheese pizza and occasional frozen yogurt (or Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey) but mostly it was all oatmeal, bananas, peanut butter, quinoa, tofu, spinach smoothies, tempeh, beans and rice, sweet potatoes, steamed kale, bean burgers, and frozen blueberries.  I didn’t limit my portions.  I ate when I was hungry.  The running was what melted the weight off.


So…no worries here.  I was set to really RUN.  I’ve been trying to get back into running anyway.  Here was my 22.2 pound motivation.

 All this thinking was done in the time between when the nurse takes your blood pressure and temperature and when the doctor comes in.  By the way, does anyone else HATE those blood pressure machines?  They really hurt sometimes to me.

Now on to the really BAD news.  I mentioned to my doctor the foot pain I’ve been experiencing.  What I get is this really sharp pain in my heel especially with my first steps out of bed in the mornings.  The pain goes away after I loosen it up a bit and only returns later in the day if I’ve been sitting for some time.  Sometimes, if I have a particularly heavy walking day, I’ll get that heel pain again and it seems to stay with me as a dull, nagging pain throughout the rest of the day.

My doctor is a runner too and she knew what I had immediately.  Plantar Fasciitis!  The fascia is a tough, inelastic band on the bottom of your foot.  The “itis” means that it is inflamed.  She told me that I will not get better if I continued to run.  In fact, she doesn’t even want me to walk any more than necessary. 

She told me that I could ignore her suggestion if I wanted to.  She herself was plagued with PF and she ignored her symptoms for 9 months.  Chances are I can still cure the PF but only when I am ready for TOTAL rest.  Now she did stress that I would be taking a chance.  If you ignore it too long, you could get yourself in big trouble and end up requiring surgery. 

The other treatments for PF are very specific exercises, massages, stretches, ibuprofen therapy, specially fitted orthotics, ice therapy, and sleeping splints.  Curiously, the whole PF problem stems from the CT band (Calf to Toes band).  That’s where my shin splints have been coming from too.  I’ve got to strengthen my calves and loosen everything up.  I’ve got to rest.  The only exercise she would approve was either swimming or cycling.

Ok…swimming or cycling.  That’s good news for a beginner triathlete.  Well it would be if Lydia and I didn’t cancel our pool membership. Lydia’s band schedule from August – November is insane.  She didn’t have any time at all to go.  And….she’s planning on doing Winter Guard again so we knew that even after marching band ended, she’d still be swamped.  The manager at SRAC was really nice when I explained our situation and didn’t even charge me a cancellation fee.  The only problem is now, I’ll have to pay the registration fee to get started again.  When we started last January they were running a special and didn’t have a registration fee.  Those specials usually only come around in January.

Cycling?  We’ll I never did get a bike. I borrowed Andie’s bike to train and my sister,Rosa’s bike for the actual triathlon.  We do have a stationary bike that a co-worker of Ron’s gave us so maybe that is the answer. 

But I don’t want to swim.  I don’t want to ride a bike.  I want to RUN.  And….I want to run the City of Oaks half marathon in 7 weeks.

I left the doctor’s office fully committed to ignoring her suggestion.  She had told me she ignored the pain for 9 months and all I want to do is ignore it for 7 weeks and a little more time for me to lose a few pounds.  I’d do all the other stuff.  I just wouldn’t rest.

Fast forward to last night and my commitment faltered.  I had run 3 miles yesterday before my doctor’s appointment.  I was feeling good.  Andie and Mason came home for the weekend and I was rocking Mason to sleep.  I had only been in the rocking chair maybe 30 minutes but after he was asleep, I tired to get up and take him to his portable crib in Andie’s room.  I couldn’t even walk!  The pain was excruciating.  I was so afraid I was going to wake up Mason with all my limping. 


Now today, as I type this post, I’m feeling better.  My foot doesn’t hurt much at all.  Maybe I can ignore the pain.  Maybe I can run.

We shall see!  Either way, I’ve got to give up my marathon appetite and find some way to lose this weight. 

Happy Weekend Friends!

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