Ruby Red Princess

Upon arriving home from work today, I immediately set out to juice some more.

These were my first ingredients:  2 beets, 2 apples, 3 carrots, and ginger.

At first when I got the juice, I thought about adding a packet of Truvia to the mix.  I was ready for something different from my Mean Green Juice today.  I hesitated before grabbing the packet of Truvia and I am so glad I did.  After just one sip, I was in pure HEAVEN!

I’m calling her my Ruby Red Princess because she is so sweet!  I can just imagine her in the Vitamix with a few ice cubes and maybe some vanilla protein powder.  Boy o boy would that be delicious.  Better than any green monster ever thought of being.

Before I cleaned out the juicer, I juiced up some more of the Mean Green Juice.  Tonight I used the same ingredients as last night but I left the lemon out and added celery.

Tonight’s mix:  2 cucumbers, a bunch of kale, 4 stalks of celery, 3 carrots, ginger, and 2 apples.

I have a whole liter ready for tomorrow.

I’ve got a few chores to do and then I might do a Total Gym workout.

Gotta get to bed early so I won’t be tempted to break the fast.

Happy Tuesday Friends!

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