Indian Shepherd’s Pie

Ok, let me just preface this review with the statement that my taste buds are very different now than they were 1.5 years ago.  Lydia took one bite of this dish and headed straight to the trashcan.  Me  —  well, I went back for 2nds.  So delish!

I ordered Lydia a birthday gift from Amazon the other day and while I was at it, I ordered this recipe book from one of my favorite bloggers.

I was reading it while Ron was driving and he was very intrigued.  He told me to pick something out and he would make it for us.  He wanted me to choose something with sweet potatoes because we had some we needed to use up.  We had almost all the ingredients for the Indian Shepherd’s Pie, so that’s what we decided on.  Here are the ingredients you will need:  sweet potatoes, butternut squash, vegan margarine, non-dairy milk, cinnamon, water, quinoa, onions, carrots, chickpeas, garlic, Tofurkey, vegetable broth, curry powder, coriander, salt, organic sugar, spinach, and dried cranberries.  All we had to pick up was the butternut squash, the dried cranberries, and the Tofurkey.

See here for the complete recipe:

Ron and I ran 5 miles tonight and he smoked me!  He was on fire.  Like a gentleman, after he made it home, he came back and we walked the last half mile together as a cool down.  Then he headed to the kitchen to whip up this dish while I did laundry.

Here’s what his final product looked like.

Ron is known for making his own adjustments to ALL recipes but he promised me he’d follow this one to a “T”.  I really wanted to see how Mama Pea meant it to taste.  The only substitution he made was adding honey instead of organic sugar.

I’m headed back for 3rds.

And packing some for lunch tomorrow.

Oh…and here’s one of my new sweatbands.

In an effort to keep my running routine exciting, I bought 5 new Bondi Bands.  They are the best sweatbands ever.  I’ll debut the others soon.

Have a great week.

Goodnight friends!

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