Bondi Band of the Day

I wish I could say I got my run on early this morning. I’m still trying. I promise. It’s dark in the morning and dark at night now anyway and that means I’ll be on the treadmill no matter the time.

It just would be so much more fun to come home from work and have my run out of the way.

Here’s another Bondi Band.

The “I run for pizza” is so me.  Cute huh!?  Well so is the ice cream and the cupcake part too.

I made it two miles but I just had to stop.  Our house was swealtering.  When I made it to the Living Room to check the thermostat, it was 81 degrees.  I just couldn’t bring myself to turn on the air conditioning.  On 11-15, it just didn’t seem right.  Tomorrow I get to work at a site where I can flex my hours a little.  Maybe I can get my run in outside BEFORE work.   Wish me luck.

Goodnight Friends!

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