Thanksgiving 2011

I did get in a little Turkey Trot around the neighborhood and sported another of my new Bondi Bands.

It’s my favorite one!

I only ran 3 miles but I did a lot of thinking in those 36 minutes.  My fastest times always averaged 11 minutes per mile and today’s was only 3 minutes slower.  However, I just felt terrible.  My legs felt like lead.  I’ve been fighting so hard to get my running mojo back every since last March’s marathon and it’s just not happening.  Why!?  I’m putting in the mileage.  It’s not getting me anywhere though.  What I deduced is that I’ve got to drop these extra 20 pounds that I gained over the summer somehow.  I’ve got to really focus on my cross training as well.

When I got back in, I made this beautiful pumpkin pie monster and did 30 minutes of yoga.

In the mix:

1 cup almond milk, 1/2 can pumpkin, 1 small banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and ice cubes

I got busy cooking after all of that and we had all of the girls’ favorites:

Ham, broccoli casserole, corn pudding, deviled eggs, and mashed potatoes

pumpkin and pecan pies

Since it was late in the afternoon before we sat down to eat, everyone was starved and I knew pictures would not be looked upon favorably.  I didn’t even try.

I did get one good shot of Andie, Jonathan, and Mason however.

I didn’t limit myself today but tomorrow I’m really going to count my calories and focus on dropping this weight.  When I lost it last time I wasn’t even trying.  I just ran and it melted off.  This time, something is different.  I’m running but the running isn’t getting any easier and I’m not losing any weight at all.  I might go back to a vegetarian diet too.  Since I went back to eating meat, I’ve gotten really slack.  Remember all those egg and cheese biscuits I used to get if I had to drive somewhere far for work?  Well now they are often sausage biscuits and sometimes even my favorite Cajun filet chicken biscuits from Bojangles.  I’ve also gotten really loose with my Ben and Jerry’s addiction.  Green monsters?  Not once a day anymore.  They are more like once a week.

After cleaning the kitchen, Ron and I were classic couch potatoes.  We watched not one but two movies on demand.  The first one was Larry Crowne.  I liked it.  The second one was Captain America.  I liked it too.

Tomorrow will be continuing to clean and do laundry and then decorate for Christmas.

Goodnight Friends!

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