Goat Cheese (Now I need a goat too!)

Two words!

Goat Cheese!

I had never tried it until tonight and it was out of this world!  Ron dvr’d an Emeril’s Table episode for me and I made one of the dishes he featured. It was Past Onna” – Pasta Primavera and it was so easy and so good. The goat cheese on top was the secret. Purchasing tofu that was already cubed like this was a first for me and boy was it ever a time saver. The only seasoning that is on there is a little salt, some red pepper flakes, and some EVOO.

Here it is with some yellow squash, zucchini, and some tomatoes.

Now with the noodles, some parmesan, and goat cheese on top.

Easy peasy and so delish!

Dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.

Now I need a goat too!

Goodnight Friends!

PS.  This is another item on the episode that looked right up my alley.   Hoping to make it soon.

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