The Christmas Gifts

The girls and Mason had finished opening their gifts.  Ron had burned up every piece of wrapping paper, tissue paper, cardboard box, and any other piece of paper he could get his hands on in his new fire pit.  Then Ron brought out my Christmas gift number 1.

A deep fryer.  Did I want that?

Seriously though, this was just a substitute gift.  Ron had asked me what he could get me this year and I immediately knew what I wanted.  He ordered it for me but we knew it would arrive late.  He just couldn’t stand for me to not have a gift on Christmas morning.  I told him not to worry but he wouldn’t listen.

And that’s a good thing.  This silly deep fryer had already produced two amazing dishes.  One was fried pickles.

Ron cooked them up and they were awesome!  Better than any we’ve had at restaurants.

Second were sweet potato chips.  Ron made these as well and man, were they delicious.  They were gone too quickly for me to snap a picture but let me just say if we never fry another thing, Ron has already gotten his money’s worth.  I promise to get the recipe next time and post it.  They were that good!  I think he said his secret ingredient was rosemary.

Today, Christmas gift number 2 arrived.


Isn’t it gorgeous!

I saw these custom medal hangers floating around on the blogs that I read but I never could think of what I wanted on it.  I couldn’t think of anything until the Old Reliable expo.  That was when I had the epiphany.  I got this running shirt at the expo and learned of this cool company.



















They have many different scriptures available and that’s when I found what I wanted.

My hanger will hold 30 medals and since it will take me quite some time to fill it up, I told Ron he could hang his on it too.  He has the two medals on the left.

I am so thrilled with this very thoughtful gift.  I’m also very impressed that he hung it so perfectly for me so quickly.  He was a bit tired today after work but didn’t hesitate to get it on the wall for me.  Thank you Ron!

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