Indulge a little, Live a lot

Tonight I dined alone.  Andie and Mason are back in Wilmington.  Ron was working late.  Lydia was spending the night with a friend.  This was my chance to have kale chips, quinoa, and basic grilled tofu.


Even though I’d love to say that I’ve converted my family to my new way of eating, I cannot at this time.  Ron is the exception.  He’s always been a very healthy eater and will try anything.  Andie is coming around.  In fact, the other day when I stayed with her in Wilmington, she made me sautéed spinach and onions.  She took a whole entire bag of spinach out the fridge mixed it in a pot with some chopped onions she had already cooking up on the stove.  That’s my girl!  Go SPINACH!  She served the spinach and onions with some raw celery stalks, raw carrots, and some hummus.  That was my kind of lunch.  Even Mason loved the hummus.  Lydia is coming around a little as well.  She likes some of my new dinners just not the one I made tonight.


While I was dining, I watched our little tv in the kitchen and I saw the news about Paula Deen admitting that she has had diabetes for the last 3 years.  They showed her making her famous doughnut burger where she places a hamburger between two glazed donuts and even adds an egg and bacon.  I know of Paula Deen and I have watched a little of her cooking show but I never knew about this doughnut burger.  Funny thing.  I bet I would love it.  You know those Sausage McGriddles at McDonald’s?  You know, where they put the sausage between two pancake sort of things.  Well, I LOVE those.  I haven’t had one in years and I don’t even know if they still offer them but I do remember that the few times I had those, they were quite tasty.

What to think?

What to think of another hugely successful cooking person, The Pioneer Woman and all her unhealthy cooking?  I just love PW and when I look at her family, they all seem very healthy.  She often defends her large amounts of butter with the fact that her family works so hard.

I guess I am just kinda in the middle of all this.  Splurges are fine if they are occasional (or for a good cause).   I think if we don’t allow ourselves some indulgences it will just be a crying shame.

Here was my indulgence tonight:

.                                          104_5470

That’s just one little apple with some cinnamon sprinkled on it AND… glorious large spoonful of White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter.

My dinner was so very simple to make.  All I did was wash and dry the kale.  Then I massaged a little EVOO on the leaves, sprinkled them with salt and parmesan cheese, and baked them for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.  The tofu was already cubed so you just sauté it in a pan with EVOO, salt and pepper.  The quinoa is very simple.  Boil 2 cups of water and then add 1 cup of quinoa.  Bring back to a boil and then cover and simmer for 12-14 minutes.

On the running front I ran intervals for about 35 minutes.  I would run for 3 minutes and then walk for 1.5 minutes.  Then run for 4 minutes and walk for 2.  I kept repeating that sequence until I had covered 3 miles.

Goodnight Friends!

2 thoughts on “Indulge a little, Live a lot

  1. I too saw the news with Paula Dean having diabetes. It’s ashame but I think I saw that her son or someone in her family is the healthy cook…she should team up with him. Plus, did you know that they sell that burger with the donuts at the fair?! They use Krispy Kreme donuts with a burger, cheese…I don’t know..that seems a little much for me. I do like those McD’s McGriddles though..haha. Everything in moderation…

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