I ‘m not a very good Christmas cookie baker (as my dear neighbors can attest to).  I’m not so good with the Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls either.  However, I can make a mean pot of TVP Chili!


Here was tonight’s dinner.  I had to eat alone again.  Lydia was still with friends as she is out for the break between semesters.  Ron was working late.  No worries.  I’ve got a huge pot for them when they get around to eating.  I added a dollop of Daisy (sour cream) and ended up crushing up the chips into the chili.  Cooold water to drink.  I usually drink room temperature water but I saw on the Dr. Oz page that you burn more calories when you drink it cold.  (Maybe I should add some ice next time!)

I’ll post a full recipe of the TVP Chili soon.  It is really easy.  Oh…and if you don’t know already, TVP, is textured vegetable protein.  Just click here to read more about tvp.  The link won’t take you to Wikipedia due to the blackout but this site explains tvp just fine too.

For dessert I had another apple.  It was tiny.  So tiny in fact I had to take a picture of it next to my Evo so you can see a size comparison.


I sliced it up and sprinkled cinnamon on it very heavy handed.  (I love cinnamon and it is so good for you.)  I also added a good bit of apple butter for dipping.  The apple butter was a gift from one of the acolytes at our church.  It is delicious!  Thank you Brown family!


No exercise for me today but tomorrow I get to go to work a little later so I’ve got a sunrise 6 miler on the agenda.  Woohoo!  I hope it’s not raining.

Goodnight Friends!

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