Krispy Kreme Challenge 2012

Well, we did it!  Ron and I finished another KKC.  That was our 3rd one!

Originally Ron told me that trying to eat all 12 doughnuts was, “the stupidest thing in the universe” and questioned whether a grown woman should chance throwing up on the streets of downtown Raleigh.  In the end, he warmed up a little to my idea and pretty much told me to do what ever I wanted.  Well I wanted to try.

The reason I felt pretty confident that I could do it was that I went to Cook Out the other week.  I have a weakness for them.  I had a Cheeseburger Combo Platter with hush puppies and a corn dog as my 2 sides.  For my drink I had a cherry cheesecake Fancy Shake.  (Please don’t judge.  I eat very healthily most of the time.)  I’m sure that meal was more than the 2400 calories in the 12 KK glazed doughnuts.

The morning was gorgeous!  The first 2.5 miles was so much fun!  Then came the eating.  I ate 1 doughnut right away and then ate a second one.  Then I used the smash together technique.  I smashed 3 doughnuts together and ate those.  Next I smashed together 4.  Lastly, I smashed the last 3 and got ’em down.

I used my water in my fuel belt to wash my hand and then I started running back to the beginning.  I ended up carrying Ron’s doughnuts that last 2.5 miles so I could give them to the girls.  I didn’t feel bad at all.

Along the way a guy was on his balcony and he had a sign and was cheering for us.  The cheer went like this:  “You say vomit, I say hurl.  Vomit. Hurl. Vomit. Hurl.”  Now if you know me at all, I am not the type of person that even thinks of the word hurl, but this cheer was so hilarious to me.

Around lunch time, I started to get a slight headache but I took 2 IB and all was well.

I do have an iron gut!  Oh, and that was my favorite t-shirt of the day.  It said, “I have and iron gut.  Puking is for Sissies!”

Click here for my video recap of the race.

That will be my last KKC.  Well unless I get some crazy thought that I could actually complete it in under the alloted hour.  My time was 1:21.  Could I run that much faster next year?  Could I eat ’em faster?

Cannot belive that the winner crossed the finish line in 28 minutes.  Wowzer!  Here’s a good news recap of the race.

So much fun!

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