The Return to Vegetarianism


A few weeks ago in our Run for God class we were talking about nutrition and foods that were great for runners.  I was all excited and really loved our topic.  I told everyone of oats and smoothies and quinoa.  I told them of sweet potatoes, peanut butter, spinach, kale, and hummus.  I told them that I was a vegetarian for 10 months but that now I was a flexitarian.  My good friend and fellow Run for God runner, Jason, asked me if I felt better now that I was eating meat.  I was speechless.  Do I feel better now that I ate meat?  No, as a matter of fact I don’t.

I did give the disclaimer that I wasn’t sure if it was the fact that I was running like crazy during the 10 months that I was a vegetarian that really made me feel better.  After thinking on it more, I’ve realized that what I was eating was the main reason I felt so much better.

So tonight I whirled up my favorite after run snack.  A green monster!  This one had skim milk, vanilla protein powder, one banana, and a couple of handfuls of spinach.  Friends, this smoothie was as good as any vanilla milkshake.  So delicious!

I’m also so excited that I’ll be able to wear my No Meat Athlete shirt again.

Getting back to my old self…..   Smoothies, long runs, and this weekend I can’t wait to run The Flying Pirate 5k and half marathon.

Happy times ahead!





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