Run for God

I am so very happy that so many of our Run for God group were able to complete their first 5K.  Awesome, awesome job.   I have loved every minute of our 12 weeks together and I hope to get together and run many times in the future.  I love you guys!  You ROCK!

My Race of Grace time was 31:45  That is my Personal Record for a 5k and I’m very happy with that……but….I’m still chasing that elusive 29 minute mark.

My goal was to not walk at all and to not stop at the water stops.  I don’t need water on a 3 mile run.  No need to stop.  I knew this but somehow, the water called my name and I stopped.  It was pretty cool and delicious on this hot day.  However, that one stop made me give up the goal of running all the way and I ended up walking two other times.  I figured I had already stopped once, no way I could say I ran all the way so why bother.

If I could have just passed that water stop.

If I could have just focused and made it up those two hills.

Could I have gotten to 29 minutes?  I don’t know.

I wish so much that I didn’t have such a all or nothing mentality.  This is something I am going to pray about a lot.  I don’t like this character trait one bit.

Something happened to me as I was walking that hill.  I met a nice lady.  She was a marathoner like me but was struggling to get back into shape after taking some time off with an injury.  We walked that hill together and then we ran together for most of the last mile.  On our second walking break, I told her about me being there with our Run for God group.  She was so excited about it and wants to start a small group at her church.  I gave her the website: and with such an easy address, I’m sure she will be able to find all the information she needs to get her group started.

So….it’s not about me running all the way.  I needed to walk that hill.  I needed to meet Jessica.  God wanted me to pass on that website.  All for the glory of God and may His will be done and not mine.

Maybe next time He will want me to finish in 29 minutes so I can meet someone at the finish line He wants me to talk to.  Maybe next time, He might want me to finish way in the back and encourage someone struggling to finish.  Who knows?!  I’ve got to remember what I’ve been trying to teach for 12 weeks now:

Run for God!

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