I gave it all that I had on this cool and comfortable evening.  I ran on the flattest neighborhood streets I could find.  I didn’t stop once!

Many of you know that I’ve been chasing a sub 30 minute 5k.  This is as close as I’ve come since May of 2011.  I found a 5k in my Garmin history on 5-5-11 with a time of 30:42.  The funniest thing is I bet on May 5, 2011, I wasn’t thinking one thing about speed.  I probably was just out for a good run.  Mason would have been only 3 days old when I ran that 5k.

I hope to get back some speed soon.

Maybe my lucky birthday month of May will be the month I break 30 minutes.  I sure hope I can do it.

I was a good girl tonight and did a brisk warm up walk and all my post run runner stretches.  I’m getting ready in a minute for a pineapple/spinach smoothie.

I’ve got a 5k this Saturday and then it’s off to Garner to check out the Galloway training program. 

I hope your weather is as wonderful for running as it is here in the heart of Carolina right now.

Happy Trails!

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