Close but No Cigar!

A week ago today I met a great group of friends and we all ran the Clayton Road Race.



Thanks Jason for the photo!

The weather was perfect! This is a wonderful 5k and had a low race fee of only $15.00. The race was very well run and the course was beautiful.

Notice my friend in the back middle.  She was in our Run for God group at church as is now off all her asthma and COPD meds.  Woohoo!  So inspiring!  Also a huge shout out to my running buddy’s daughter in the middle wearing the gray t-shirt.  This was her 2nd official 5k and she is doing so great!  She’ll be running marathons like her momma before we know it!   Way to go to everyone!

The race started off fast. I looked down at my Garmin one time and saw my pace was in the 7:00’s. Wowzer! That was way too fast for me. I slowed down immediately. I really wanted to try and PR and run a sub 30:00 5k but I knew I would never make it if I didn’t run smart.

Early on there was a huge hill and after we made it up, I heard a mom tell her daughter that hill was the worst one in the entire course. I believed her and even though there were many, many, more hills to come, I knew the worst was behind me. I had made it up the worst one so I knew I could make it up the rest. I don’t even really know if that mom was telling the truth or not. Some of the other hills were big too but since I believed her at the time, they all seemed little.

At the turnaround I heard another runner congratulate someone on their awesome pace. He said they were right on track for a 31:00 finish. WHAT? A 31:00 finish. Did I have no chance at getting under 30:00? My time at the turnaround (2 mile mark) was 19:00 something and I knew I would have to do the last 1.1 miles in 11 minutes. I knew I couldn’t do that but I didn’t stop. I kept running as hard as I could. I wanted to finish strong. I wonder as I type this what my time would have been if I hadn’t heard my time at the turnaround. I wonder why my time would have been if I never heard that person talk about the 31:00 pace.

Goodness, I wonder what the outcome would have been if I didn’t hear the mom and the daughter talking about the hills? Crazy huh?

Running really is a mental sport for me and my performance is so tied to all the little things that happen when your out there on the course.

My Garmin was messing up and I had thought I finished in 30:20 but my official chip time was 30:58. That’s still a PR for me and I’ll take it. It was a great race and I had a lot of fun visiting with my friends! I’ll try again next month and we’ll see what happens.  My plan for the next 5k I run is to wear my headphones but no Garmin.  We’ll see how that works?!

The “no cigar” in my post title has a double meaning. I’m happy to report that Ron has quit smoking! Ron smoked cigarettes for a long time and then one day he quit. He stayed smoke free for several years but then one day he picked up a pack of Honey Berry Cigars. They come in a pack of 4 and he usually smokes one pack a day. As of last Friday, he decided he had enough.  Good luck Honey! You’re going to “smoke” me on our next distance race without those cigars!

Happy Running Friends!

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